Investor Compensation
The CMA operates the Investor Compensation Fund established by section 81
of the CMA Act. The fund exists to compensate investors for pecuniary loss suffered
when a broker fails to do so due to insolvency, bankruptcy, winding up or any other
GET LICENSED In carrying out its responsibilities, the CMA has approved 02 stock exchanges,
licensed 02 securities central depositories, 08 brokers, two dealers, 07 fund
managers, 05 Collective Investment Scheme Managers, 02 Trustees, 07 Investment
Advisors, and 17 listed companies.
INVESTOR EDUCATION As part of the CMA's market development mandate, the Authority has over the years
undertaken a public education campaign with the overall objective of raising
the level of awareness and participation in the securities market as an alternative
saving and investment mechanism.


Licensing - A Core Regulatory Function in the Capital Markets Essentially, regulation begins with issuance of an operating license (and in some cases, an approval)


The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is responsible for ensuring observance of its laws as well as the integrity of the capital markets.


1. On-site inspections - Both planned and ad hoc
2. Off-site inspections such as trend analysis and compliance reviews
3. Tracking of new developments

Listed Companies

Currently, there are nine domestic companies listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange and eight cross border listings

About CMA

Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is the statutory body responsible for regulating and promoting the development of capital markets in Uganda.

Our Mission

"To foster a transparent, accessible and effective capital market in Uganda."

Our Vision

To be an innovative, efficient and trusted regulator of a regionally competitive capital market 


  • Integrity: We act ethically and work in the public interest, treating people fairly and honestly
  • Accountability: We strive to live up to the aspirations of our mission so as to deliver quality services and promote the best interest of our stakeholders
  • Excellence: We strive to pursue and deliver the highest quality of service to our stakeholders
  • Teamwork: We support and promote collaboration among the CMA team and with external stakeholders

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Market Commentary

A number of licenses held by the various capital markets intermediaries in Uganda including stock brokers,dealers, investment advisers, fund managers, collective investment schemes and their managers, custodians and securities central depositories will be expiring during the last quarter of this financial year (April-June 2019/20). Consequently,we expect that the intermediary firms, many of whom hold more than one type of license, will be applying for license renewal. The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is mandated to license (or approve) firms or individuals to deal in the business of securities.

Family owned businesses are an important feature in Uganda’s economic landscape,dominating sectors such as manufacturing, education and health. These businesses not only contribute to economic growth through employment creation and paying taxes, but also by encouraging innovation. According to a report by Asoko, 11 of the leading 25 family-owned businesses in Uganda have revenues above $100 million, including four with revenues of over $500 million. Key giants among family owned businesses in Uganda that have sustained their business for more than three generations include the iconic Madhvani and Mukwano Groups.

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