CMA is subdivided into four departments headed by Directors who report to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). These are:

1. Research and Market Development

There are two activity strands under this department, namely, research and public education. CMA conducts research to inform the development and review of its legal and regulatory framework, in accordance with regional and international best practice. Additionally, research is conducted to inform policy at the national level, market development, as well as academic purposes. The department is also charged with ensuring the design and implementation of effective public education strategies. Public education is conducted to target potential issuers and investors in the capital markets.  

2. Legal and Board Affairs

The Legal and Board Affairs department are the custodians of the Authority’s legal and regulatory framework. This department is also responsible for providing general legal advisory and Board secretarial services.

3. Market Supervision

This department provides oversight on market activity, by periodically conducting inspections of licensed market intermediaries; carrying out investigations; addressing investor complaints as well as whistle blower information; all aimed at ensuring that investors are better protected and have sufficient confidence in the market. The department also reviews and provides recommendations to the Board on applications for approval of securities as well as applications for licenses. 

4. Corporate Affairs

This arm of the CMA is responsible for the smooth day to day running of the organization and includes the functions of finance, human resource management and administration.