Capital Markets Authority (CMA) is headed by a Board of Directors consisting of eleven persons; five being ex-offico by virtue of holding public offices, and six representing private sector interests. The Board offers strategic direction, leadership and oversight over the Authority’s functions.  The Board is appointed by and accountable to the Minister of Finance, Planning and Economic Development. The CEO is an ex-officio member of the Board, the roles of Chairperson and CEO are separate. The CEO is responsible for  implementing the decisions  of the Board and ensuring the effective discharge of CMA’s objectives and the overall supervision of employees. Board members have expertise in legal, financial, banking, business, accounting, economics, investment and administrative matters. Every member appointed to the Board holds office for a period of five years and is eligible for re-appointment once. The following are the current members of the Board.

Mr. Saul Sseremba

            -Board Chairperson -              Represents Uganda Insurance                            Institute                                                                        

Mr. David Sajjabi

           -Board Member-             Represents the Governor Bank                        of Uganda                                                            

Mr. Joseph Enyimu

               -Board Member-             Represents the PSST, Ministry of Finance, Planning & Econ. Dev't

Mercy .K. Kainobwisho

                   -Board Member-                                          Registrar                                                General                                                        

Dr. Martin Francis Kyeyune

           -Board Member-             Represents The Uganda Manufacturers Association

Mr. Mohammed Kaliisa

           -Board Member-             Represents the Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Mr. Keith Kalyegira

       -Chief Executive Officer-         

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