The CMA Act prescribes the following as the functions of the Authority:

  1. To approve prospectuses and other offering documents under which securities are offered to the public and to approve information memorandum;
  2. To develop all aspects of the capital markets with particular emphasis on the removal of impediments to, and the creation of incentives for,long term investments in productive enterprise;
  3. To create, maintain and regulate, through implementation of a system in which the market participants are self-regulatory to the maximum practicable extent, of a market in which securities can be issued and traded in an orderly, fair and efficient manner;
  4. To cooperate with, provide information to, conduct any investigation or inquiry for, or otherwise assist any foreign regulatory authority in the performance of its duties;
  5. To implement regional and international standards and best practice in securities markets, securities regulation and supervision;
  6. To protect investor interests; and
  7. To operate the Investor Compensation Fund established by section 81.

CMA executes it’s legal mandate with the following objectives:

  1. Promoting confidence in the capital markets
  2. Ensuring honesty and transparency in capital markets transactions
  3. Carrying out investor education
  4. Protecting investors; and
  5. Reducing systemic risk