About the Information Center

The Capital Markets Authority (CMA) as established by the Capital Markets Act (Cap 84) has a development mandate. In executing its development mandate, CMA has been conducting public education exercises aimed at sensitizing Ugandans on saving and investing in the capital markets. It is the belief of the Authority that an empowered investor is not only better protected, but can also drive activity in Uganda's capital markets by saving and investing regularly.

Uganda's transformative Capital Markets Development Master Plan (CMDMP) that was launched in June 2017 2017 recommends enhancement of the Authority's public sensitization campaign. Specifically, the CMDMP calls for the increase in dissemination channels for information on capital markets and capital markets products. It is with this in mind that the Authority developed the Capital Markets Information center (CMIP) as a one-stop point for accessing information on Uganda's capital markets.

The CMIP offers an e-learning environment through which capital market information is provided to the public to further understanding of the capital market from a single point. The CMIP aims at ensuring that more information on capital markets is available online to the public to increase saving and investing in capital markets. Additionally, the information is also key to researchers, academicians and analysts in the execution of their roles.

Key Features of Information Center

  1. Unique electronic collection of financial statements and accounts for all the listed companies on the Uganda Securities Exchange;
  2. Electronic collection of Prospectuses on various transactions approved by the Authority;
  3. Basic key capital markets data and statistics;
  4. Presentations made by the Authority at different forums;
  5. Capital markets Research papers authored by CMA, EASRA and other external parties
  6. Links to research conducted by other related organizations such as Bank of Uganda, Uganda Retirements Benefits Authority, the Uganda Securities Exchange and Uganda Bureau of Statistics; and
  7. Links to information centers that provide information on international capital markets.